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I have always loved cooking and sharing food with others.  Coming from an Italian family, I grew up in the kitchen cooking with my Mom, Aunts & Uncles.  I swear my first childhood memory is me cutting my finger grating Romano cheese sitting on my Aunt's countertop.  How's that for the Italian stereotype!? I've always had a such a fondness for the way food brings family and friends together.  Seeing the love my family put into what they made inspired me to do the same. Our traditional cheesy, meaty, carby Italian-American fare was always delicious, but it came with it's tolls on health.  After seeing my family struck with one health hardship after another, I decided to make the personal change to do the best I could with my lifestyle.  I saw too much loss and hurt around me, so I committed to a healthier and more whole way of living.  This is where I fell in love with the plant-based life.  I started recreating family classics with plant-based ingredients, and my obsession with this very specific craft began. I've made the commitment of going plant-based myself, but everything in me knew I needed to share these endless possibilities with the world. I live for those moments where you take a bite of something new and just feel that little bit of magic. 

Anyways, that's my story and I'm grateful and honored that you're now a part of it.

...and fun fact, much to my shock and awe, these days I even have my gold-chain wearing, badabing-badaboom, Italian uncles swearing by alfredo sauce made of cauliflower.

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